Dr. Jacob Rispler of LDI has been rejuvenating damaged and aging skin for over 30 years with the latest in non-surgical, RF and laser technology. We’re dedicated to providing the most dramatic results through minimally invasive, quick, and easy treatments for all types of skin tones. There is absolutely no surgery, our exclusvive Los Angeles rejuvenation treatments deliver a complete rejuvenation that involves the most advanced technology on the market. Obtain natural results for any skin tone.

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Los Angeles Laser Skin Tightening Los Angeles

No matter what concerns are affecting your skin, you can trust LDI to provide the correct solution. Get rid of ugly brown spots, nasal folds, lines, wrinkles, with NO surgery, NO fillers, NO injections, and NO needles. See improved skin and feel years younger with advanced RF and laser technology!

Skin Tightening – Dr. Rispler’s skin tightening treatments are supported by the most immersive and non-invasive RF and laser technology. We can ensure a safe result that will leave your skin looking healthier and smoother than ever.

Complete Skin Rejuvenation – We utilize proven techniques and technology to deliver a complete restoration of the skin. Our procedures are integrated to brighten skin tone, eliminate scars, and remove discolorations. With our amazing breakthrough technology, you can tighten and smooth your skin, erasing bags under the eyes and the effects of sun damage on the chest.

Acne Treatment – Enjoy a more beautiful complexion without the distractions of acne and the scars they leave behind. Dr. Rispler is a pioneer of the latest medical practices in RF and laser technology to provide successful acne treatments. There is no need to go under the knife, just see Dr. Rispler today.

• Non-Surgical • No Injections • No Fillers • Advanced Technology • Natural Results

"I'm very happy with the my skin and the neck area no longer needs surgery."
- Lisa Ann Walter
"LDI Has been the best experience!"
- Luscious Liz
"LDI can treat your acne and get rid of those old acne scars, call LDI!"
- Sisanie
"Thanks, Dr. Rispler! You and the team at LDI are amazing!"
- Kennedy
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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Los Angeles
Laser Skin Rejuvenation Los Angeles
Laser Skin Rejuvenation Los Angeles
Laser Acne Treatment Los Angeles
RF Rejuvenation Los Angeles
Laser Eye Rejuvenation Los Angeles
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LDI works with breakthrough technology that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Dr. Rispler and his team have treated even the most severe skin cases for over 35 years. There is no need hide your face, just go see Dr. Rispler and erase those lines, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, brown spots, and acne scars.

Board Certified Dermatologist with over 35 years​ experience.

Dr. Rispler makes use of the latest cutting-edge technology to provide patients with a high quality non-surgical skin transformation. Thousands of patients have seen successful results from his work. We don't use one formula for all patients, we make advanced RF and laser technology work specifically for you!

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I wanted to get rid of some wrinkles and a friend of mine suggested Dr. Rispler. After a couple of treatments, I felt younger and more comfortable in my own skin. The staff were also knowledgeable and made sure I didn’t have to wait for my appointment. I definitely made the right choice going with Dr. Rispler and his team.
Cynthia R.
I was referred to Dr. Rispler by a very good friend, I had been feeling like I needed a little work done on my face, especially around the eyes. It was very uncomfortable for me to have that "tired look" all the time. I have to say that my results were greater than expected. Dr. Rispler treated me with kindness and respect. The results were amazing!! Thank you LDI!!
Margaret J.
I found out about LDI and Dr. Rispler through a spot on the radio. I had been looking for skin rejuvenation for a while now, so I finally made up my mind and came in to the Los Angeles office just to have a closer look. I loved what I saw, the people there were great. I've now had 3 treatments and I can't believe it, the results are simply incredible!!
Gina P.
A Word from Lisa Ann Walter:

"This is Lisa Ann Walter and wouldn’t you like to look younger and more refreshed, naturally, without surgery, fillers, or injections? Dr. Rispler and the team at LDI have your solution, with exciting new RF technology that’s even beyond laser and only found in select facilities. LDI can tighten those bags, lines and wrinkles around your eyes, helping you look completely refreshed and getting rid of that tired look!

You can also tighten that loose and saggy skin around your face and neck and the best part is, you can actually get great results, without surgery! And if red and brown spots or sun damaged skin on your face or even your chest you need to get rid of, LDI can make all the difference.

Listen, the consultation is absolutely FREE and I know this will work for you! Just call LDI now at (866)865-9977. And if you have some old acne scars you need to get rid of, call Dr. Rispler and LDI now!"

Lisa Ann Walter

Lisa Ann Walter