Skin Rejuvenation Through Lasers and RF Treatments

Skin conditions can appear anywhere, and you need the most trusted doctor to provide a permanent, effective solution. Regardless of your age or skin tone, we can provide FDA approved treatments combined with advanced technology to help treat a variety of skin conditions. Our treatments can help bring a new and welcome change to your life.

Our technology helps patients realize improved skin without worrying about recovery time. Unlike surgery, where there are many risks involved, our procedures completely safe for everyone. We work with over 40 different wavelengths to obtain the best possible results for any condition. Serving the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas, Dr. Rispler delivers the most proven skin rejuvenation treatments using laser and RF technology. Now you can shout GOODBYE to acne or acne scars, red or brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines and that annoying baggy skin on your face, eyes and neck.

Innovative Laser Technology Skin Care Solutions

No matter how old your skin problems are, our technology-supported solutions can provide a dramatic improvement to your skin. We can help patients who have suffered from acne and acne scars thanks to our advanced laser and RF treatments. Our laser devices are more effective than over-the-counter medications and can work for any type of skin. We invite you to call us and schedule your complimentary consultation so you can learn about your treatment plan.

Our office serves patients around the area with the highest quality skin care. You can be our next successful patient, simply call our office or submit our contact form.

Fractional C02 Laser

Computerized scanner, quick healing, error proof resurfacing for acne scarring, skin tightening

Super Pulse C02 Laser

High peak laser technology power removes lesions without heat. Reduces scarring when removing moles, warts, skin cancer,quick healing

Contact RF

Improves acne scars for all skin tones without downtime. Works better than resurfacing.

Deeply Penetrating RF

Best nonsurgical skin tightening device for acne scar revision, face, neck, chest, and back. Also best treatment for stretch marks. Works on all skin tones

Pulse Dye Laser

Gold standard for vascular lesions, rosacea, red acne scars, and vascular birthmarks

High Intensity Q yag Laser

Gold standard for pigmented lesions and multi-color tattoos, age spots, and brown discoloration

Long Pulse Yag Laser

Treats deep vascular lesions that pulse dye can't penetrate (leg veins), and big blood vessels on the face. Improves hair removal for dark skin tones.

1450 Diode

Specific for oil gland, [sabaceous] pathology, i.e acne control and enlarged oil glands

Narrow Band High Intensity Laser Like Light

For skin texture and sun damage improvement, face, neck, chest, hands. Treats red and brown spots simultaneously

Laser Skin Technology