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Keeping up with good skin care routines is recommended for maintaining clean healthy skin. Professional treatments can provide much a longer lasting improvement. Qualified dermatologists are medically trained and licensed to provide long-lasting results in Los Angeles skin rejuvenation treatments.

Our skin rejuvenation treatments are not just for show, they provide a dramatic transformation that will change the way you look at your skin. Dr. Rispler is a highly trained and experienced dermatologist who has been featured in medical journals and professional media for his focus on non-invasive skin care. He is certified by the American Academy of Dermatology and has successfully treated thousands of patients.

Our technologies include the latest laser and radiofrequency technology available to treat each individual patient. Our procedures treat conditions such as scars, red or brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines and that annoying baggy skin on your face, eyes, and neck.

What conditions are treated with dermatology?

A professional dermatologist has the capabilities and experience to treat a range of conditions. These include improving skin health, hair, nails, and addressing acne, psoriasis, rosacea, warts, sun spots, fungal skin, infections, stretch marks, sun damage, skin cancer, and more. If you experience conditions similar to or associated with these, it is recommended to contact a dermatologist and schedule an appointment.

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