Reverse Aging with Laser Technology

Skin tightening helps patients restore youthful looking skin that is free from signs of aging. Dr. Rispler specializes in a non-invasive procedure that helps patients achieve dramatic results. We treat conditions such as loose skin, rosacea, sagging, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, drooping brows, and skin discoloration.

We use the most recently introduced laser technology and radiofrequency (RF) to achieve fantastic results, without any down time. Our FDA approved treatments have rewarded patients for more than 35 years. Numerous patients enjoy the benefits of a skin rejuvenation experience without any invasive surgery.

Dr. Rispler will design a unique skin rejuvenation treatment plan that is based on your specific condition and goals. You can compare our lasers and see which one works for you. We also have radiofrequency technology that is cost-efficient and effective. Our treatments are ideal for patients who do not desire surgery or have not been selected as candidates for surgery.

You can come in for a visit and see the payment plans we have available for skin tightening treatments. There are also financing plans available that will help you pay as your treatment progresses. To schedule your complimentary consultation, please call our office today.

Skin Tightening Los Angeles